Check List Before Leaving for Your Summer Holidays

Fatima Ahmed, Study in Czechia ambassador
Fatima Ahmed, Study in Czechia ambassador
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26 June 2023

Exam season is slowly creeping upon us, and a ruthless concoction of stress and anxiety seems to run rampant in the air. In times like these, you would wonder what is the most significant motivating factor for students here. What motivates them to hit the books and study for such long hours day after day? The answer is straightforward. It is the summer holidays! Finishing your exams early means you get to enjoy a more extended vacation. However, we have more than just exams to worry about during this period. Sorting out visa issues, dormitory and apartment renewals, etc., are just some of the things we need to get off our to-do lists as well. Naturally, having a checklist of things you need to get done is always helpful, but do not worry – I have your back. Below are some high-priority tasks you should always complete before switching to vacation mode.:

  1. Visa extension - It is important to fill out the appropriate form and provide all the relevant documents. You can visit the website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of the Czech Republic to see exactly which documents you require. The application requirements should not exceed 180 days (about six months) except for the travel document and photograph if it matches your appearance. And most importantly, do not forget to buy stamps! Instead of cash or card payments, all fees are paid at the MOI using stamps that can be purchased at any post office. Visit the following link for more information on entry formalities and visas.

  2. Bridging visa - If you're planning to travel and know your visa will expire when you're not in Czechia, you must request a bridging visa when you submit your application. However, you will be required to explain your reasons for travelling. Make sure to check when your visa is expiring so you can plan ahead of time.

  3. Health insurance - When submitting your application, you must provide a health insurance contract for the next year as one of the required documents. The comprehensive health insurance must be concluded with Pojišťovna VZP, a. s. and can be purchased online using the PVZP website or directly at any office branch.

  4. Apartment/dormitory contract renewals - Since most accommodation contracts are for one year, you need to either renew them before you leave or return to renew them in time. Although your place is automatically reserved in the dormitories for the first year, you must visit the accommodation office in the following years and inform them if you would like to continue living in the same room and pay the deposit. If you do not do this within the deadline, you might lose your place as it can be assigned to someone else. Most dormitories have the option of staying in the summer as well. In that case, visit the accommodation office of your dormitory to get the contract extended for the summer period.

  5. Getting an updated study confirmation letter - This is optional, but I had included it here because there were some rare instances at the airport when I was asked to show it. Again, this was more during COVID times, but it is always good to be prepared. You can email your student department, and they can send one to you by email or visit them in person to collect it.

  6. Enrolling into courses/electives - The deadlines for enrollment into courses for the new academic year vary for different programs. This is usually done online through your SIS (Student Information System) account. My program's last day to do this is usually a few weeks before the start of the new academic year, so I tend to do this from home. Ensure that you are up to date with all the information and the dates ahead of time to avoid any problems. If you are having trouble with this, you can always email the respective study department of your faculty for further clarification.

In conclusion, I advise you to avoid putting off these tasks until the last minute. You may have to make appointments in advance, so it's best to stay on top to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We definitely don't want added stress during the examination period!