Building on Czech roots: how to get in touch with Czech language when you’re abroad

Michaela Takácsová, Study in Czechia
Michaela Takácsová, Study in Czechia
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6 September 2023

Getting in touch with the Czech language and culture while being abroad is not always easy. You might like to follow one of 26 Czech Centres, use online applications to practice vocabulary or read articles in the Czech language. But what if you have Czech roots and want to build on your heritage? Read further to learn about the activities of our colleagues abroad.

Our summer in the organization is traditionally about meeting with the Programme for the Support of Czech Cultural Heritage Abroad teachers. This year, it was already for the 15th time (here is the article to practice your reading in Czech)! The main aim of this programme is to spread and keep the Czech language alive. The primary role here belongs to the Czech tutors who work with compatriots in various localities worldwide.

The annual meetup was about the teachers and their experiences. To give you a sense of what it was like, I will use three words: listening, connecting, and enriching.

We had an excellent chance to listen to the personal stories of the Czech language teachers. We got inspired by their courageousness to leave their comfort zone and travel to a faraway place. The tutors teach in places like Australia (Adelaide), New Zealand (Dunedin, Tauranga), the USA (Chicago), Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Some stay in Europe (Germany, Romania, Serbia, Croatia). They meet with local compatriots and not only teach them the language but build a community through sports and cultural activities. They organize movie nights, exhibitions, theatre performances, etc. Their learners can get this way much closer to the Czech culture.

Their work is also about connecting because the tutors have to communicate with the locals with different cultural backgrounds to build trust and friendly relations once they decide to do their profession. They connect people with local Czech representation through cooperation on various types of events. Also, all the participants who came to the event and guests could connect and share their unique experiences, leading to mutual inspiration and future cooperation. We recommend you connect with your local Czech compatriot community or apply for a Study visit scholarship to benefit from your compatriot heritage, too.

Everyone who participates in the Program’s events is enriched, and we are, too. The stories weren´t only about pleasant things. Still, the beauty of exchanging knowledge and understanding between two cultures and the lives of the tutors and students (may I call them this way) is undoubtedly rewarding.

P.S.: Do you have a degree in Czech language and literature? Apply for teaching positions abroad through our career page!