Life Hacks for Students in Prague

Dana Alsaialy, Study in Czechia ambassador
Dana Alsaialy, Study in Czechia ambassador
Helpful tips, Leisure activities, Student community
26 September 2023

Prague is definitely a student-friendly city. It promises an affordable lifestyle, especially for students! This blog will tell you all life hacks students in Prague have to know.

When you enrol into a Czech university in Prague, one of the first things you will receive is an ISIC (or ALIVE) card, a student ID card that provides discounts in many areas. With it, you can ask at any counter of a food chain or cafe if they have student discounts (you will typically get 10% off). Also, when going to events, amusement parks, the Zoo, or the cinema, for example, you get the “Student” deal! Not to mention, textbooks & office supplies will be discounted, too. The best part of the ISIC card undoubtedly is that these perks also apply all around Europe. So, travel & enjoy your ISIC benefits outside Czechia too (& yes, depending on the airline, you will get a discounted flight as well). Keep in mind that the same applies to short travels by bus, such as RegisJet & FlixBus.

What about clothes? Prague has all the basic shops, luxury stores, & more — but it also has a vibrant thrift culture with great finds, not to mention vintage stores! Buying clothes in second-hand shops like Genesis & Textile House is a lifesaver, with extremely low average prices.

Another significant part of life in Prague is the club cards. Once you settle down, you will have a grocery store that becomes your go-to, albeit Tesco, Albert, Lidl, Billa, or Penny. Get the club card virtually with their app or a physical version by asking at the store. After your shopping spree, when you check out, you simply use your club card before your regular card & get the available discounts — if you have the app, you will see the number of points you stored & any other offers they may have. Pro tip: Every week, supermarkets have sales on selected goods & on holidays can reach up to 50% off! In addition to that, I encourage you to get club cards of places you constantly go to, such as a chain cafe, your go-to nail salon, etc.

Finally, Prague is not short on convenience. Online shopping for groceries, clothes, technology items, & anything else is readily available & we have some of the world’s best transport. All in all, it is a city that blends a slow & fast-paced lifestyle — convenient yet traditional. Although I did not mention everything there is to offer, I hope at least one of these hacks will be beneficial to you as you plunge into your studying journey in Czechia!