Tugba Sahin Reflects on Being an Intern in Karviná: A Journey of Growth and Connections

Zuzana Polívková, Czechia Alumni
Zuzana Polívková, Czechia Alumni
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14 February 2024

Starting an internship abroad is often a transformative experience filled with challenges, growth, and unforgettable memories. For Tugba Sahin from Turkey, her time in Czechia was not just about work experience but also about embracing a new culture, forming lasting connections, and discovering passions that would shape her future. In a recent interview, Tugba shared insights into her internship experience at the Silesian University of Opava - School of Business Administration in Karvina, reflecting on various aspects ranging from professional opportunities to social life and career prospects.

Internship Life with Support and Ease

One of the most crucial aspects of interning abroad is the support system provided by the employer. For Tugba, the coordinators and the buddy system of the university played an important role in easing her transition to Czechia. With the guidance of her buddy, Tugba quickly acclimated to her new environment. The coordinators’ constant support fostered a sense of belonging within the university community.

Exploring Professional and Personal Growth

Interning at the university provided enough opportunities to pursue her professional interests and personal growth. Her internship experience in the International Relations Office proved to be transformative, allowing her to discover her strength in organisational skills and uncover a passion for every stage of event management. Part of her work was dedicated to the organisation of the STARS EU Tour, an international week, which was organised for professors and other staff members from universities all over Europe, and the university hosted it. This experience helped her discover the job she loves.

Acquiring Czech Culture and Language

Living in a smaller city like Karviná posed its own set of challenges, from adapting to the university work environment to language barriers. Local people don’t speak much English. She is grateful for it because, in fact, it accelerated her learning of Czech. Living in a smaller city allowed her to develop very strong bonds with her friends, which might not happen in a big city, in her opinion. Thanks to the location of Karviná, Tugba explored several neighbouring countries and regions and discovered specifics of Czech culture.

Looking Ahead with Gratitude and Optimism

As Tugba Sahin reflects on her internship experience in Karviná, she expresses gratitude for the experiences and lifelong connections. Despite some expecting her to return home after finishing her internship, Tugba ultimately decided to build her future here. With a passion for event management and a newfound sense of purpose, she looks ahead with optimism. She continues her journey as a volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps at Karviná Regional Library. She helps organise library events, runs activities for visitors, especially children, and handles social media.

For alumni like Tugba Sahin, interning abroad is not just about gaining work experience—it’s about embracing new challenges, seizing opportunities, and forging connections that cross borders. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of international internships and the boundless possibilities that await those willing to embark on this enriching adventure.


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