Participation Doubles at the Second Alumni Meetup Moldova

Zuzana Polívková, Czechia Alumni
Zuzana Polívková, Czechia Alumni
Alumni, Student community
9 May 2024

The Alumni Meetup Moldova 2024 took place on April 30 at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Chisinau, marking the second annual gathering following the first meetup in 2023. The event brought together alumni who have participated in short and long-term study programs in Czechia, creating a vibrant space for networking and idea-sharing. Attendees enjoyed lively discussions on shared experiences, fostering potential collaborations in education, culture, and business.

The meetup emphasized the importance of international cooperation and was an excellent chance for alumni to reconnect, network, and explore new partnerships. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Chisinau offered a welcoming environment with delicious refreshments, making the event successful in strengthening the alumni network.

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