Jose Francisco Ortega Gomescoello

Jose Francisco Ortega Gomescoello
  • Motto: Keep that smile on your face, with a smile you are welcome any place.
  • Country of origin: Ecuador
  • Situation: Student (currently studying in Czechia)
  • Higher education institution: Charles University
  • Field of study: Society, Communication and Media
  • Level of study: Master

What made you decide to study in Czechia?

Czechia was the best choice for many reasons. I found a program that included different topics that interested me, a combination of media and communication, but also to understand today’s society. Czechia is one of the safest countries in the world. The opportunity to meet so many international students.

Did your studies meet your expectations? How did you find the study programme, instructors, university facilities? Were there any differences from studying in your country?

I am happy with my study program. I found this through a long research of master programs in different universities. I found it on the Charles University web page. The difference between the studies and the system in general in my country is the fact that Here, I find more opportunities to discuss different topics with everybody involved in the programme (students and professors).

What was the biggest surprise with regard to studying or living in Czechia?

Everything was surprising for me because this was my first time in a different country. One of the biggest surprises in Czechia as a student was to discover so many cultures coexisting together.

What was your most memorable experience or what did you enjoy most as a student in Czechia?

Definitely, every international lunch. Every Sunday, we had to share some traditional food from our countries with different people.

How do you think your time in Czechia has helped your studies and/or your career?

Basically, I understand more about different societies and cultures. Due to the fact that I am studying a program related to communication, understanding more cultures made me improve my communication skills.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying in Czechia?

There are great people everywhere. There’s always someone willing to help you. Get ready for a challenging language, but I recommend learning at least some basic words or everyday useful sentences! That can make a difference. Use social media to know what is happening (academic and social events) in your city so you can enjoy your stay in this country.