Packing for Czechia

Jo Anne Baladad, Study in Czechia ambassador
Jo Anne Baladad, Study in Czechia ambassador
Helpful tips, Study in Czechia
26 September 2023

Did you get accepted to a university and you are going to Czechia soon? While you may already have an idea of what you will bring, here are some items that you may have overlooked in your packing list. 


1. Accommodation essentials

Bring basic things that you will need for your dormitory or apartment. The bedroom and bathroom will be bare, so bring some provisionary items such as a bedsheet, a thin blanket/coverup, and a small bath towel. Also, bring adequate toiletries you can use for the first few days, like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

If you plan on cooking at the dorm or apartment during your first few weeks to save some cash, then bring a small pot, some utensils, and a reusable water bottle in your luggage as well. If you have special spices and snacks which are only accessible in your home country and cannot be easily bought in Czechia, it is also best to pack them with you since there may be a day when you might find yourself craving food from home.

You can replenish your toiletries and buy more linens and kitchenware after you have made yourself comfortable in the neighbourhood and you have finally found the locations of the local stores you want to buy from.

2. Winter outerwear

If you are coming from a warmer climate and you are going to Czechia in the autumn, spring, or winter season, it is necessary to bring some clothes that will make you feel warm. Make sure you have at least one thick sweater and an insulated coat. A beanie is also helpful during the thick of winter or if your head easily gets cold.

My tip is to invest in an excellent quality insulated coat and thick sweater. When I came to Czechia, I only brought one lightweight insulated coat, and despite just wearing a plain t-shirt underneath it, the coat managed to keep me very warm during the cold season.

3. Comfortable shoes

You are going to walk a lot in Czechia. There are so many nice places to explore, so pack the comfiest shoes you have. Fashionable shoes can be an afterthought because there are many nice shops from which you can buy shoes.

I recommend bringing three kinds of shoes you may already have and are comfortable using: open sandals for summer, a pair of running shoes for sports and outdoor activities, and casual sneakers which you can pair up with many outfits.

4. Important documents

Besides your essential travel documents, do not forget to bring your health insurance document, acceptance letter (applicable if you are from outside the EU, just in case an immigration officer might ask to see it), and other documents that your university asks of you.

5. Medicine and prescription

Though there are many pharmacies where you can buy medicines and supplements in Czechia, their labels and descriptions are in Czech. If you feel the need to take the necessary medicines and supplements, pack them with you and bring their corresponding prescription to save yourself some time and prevent you from buying the wrong kind of medicine.